VISBO - the project warehouse. Overview and agility in projects and portfolios.

„VISBO – the project warehouse“ creates and holds the „digital twin of  the project landscape” of an enterprise.

VISBO imports data regarding time, cost and quality from one or several data sources such as Excel, Microsoft Project, SAP, etc. and creates an integrated view, an “digital twin of the project landscape”.

Thus “VISBO – the project warehouse” provides companies with an unheard of level of transparency regarding projects and portfolios.


Which problem is VISBO solving?

According to a study of PMI (Project Management Institute)  20% – 30% of all projects are missing targets in time, cost and/or quality.  The identified main reason is lack of transparency and not up-to-date information for project members and project stakeholders.

„VISBO – the project warehouse“ is solving this #1 problem: lack of transparency in projects and portfolios.


Benefit for VISBO customers

  • Integrated view on time, cost & quality provides a completely new level of transparency in projects and portfolios.
  • What-if-simulations based on the digital twin enable companies to take better and faster decisions.

With the agile VISBO implementation process first benefits will emerge quickly, usually within weeks.




Example 1: At-a-Glance: identify critical projects within huge portfolios



Example 2: Management 1-Pager Report Time/Cost/Quality regarding a certain project


Example 3: Portfolio Bottleneck and resource utilization Analysis



What makes VISBO different?

  • 1. System Independence

    VISBO is able to import data from various sources such as Excel, Microsoft Project, Oracle, SAP and other formats.

  • 2. Always-up-to-date project information for all project stakeholders

    Always up-to-date information with HTML5 cockpits and smart Powerpoint reports, which are synchronized with “VISBO – the project warehouse”.

  • 3. Performance and Scalability

    Even portfolios with hundreds of projects are visualized, analyzed and reported on-the-fly.

  • 4. Agile Implementation

    VISBO delivers first visible benefits within weeks, if not days. Go challenge us!


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