Overview and Agility with Lean Project- & Portfolio Reporting and Analysis

As simple as it gets.

With VISBO companies get rapid visibility and overview of their project data helping to keep all people on the same page. VISBO’s unique approach is to connect to existing planning systems such as Excel, Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, etc.  and present that information in VISBO Reports which are able to automatically synchronize with the database.

Thus companies gain an unheard of ability to communicate always-up-to-date project information to both internal and external project members and stakeholders.

The potential benefit: project managers and PMO members never again need to create nor manually update and distribute reports again and again. Lots of man-hours are now free to be used much more efficiently than repeatedly drawing and distributing reports.

VISBO empowers organizations to execute with greater agility, speed and accountability.

Lean Reporting: Create reports just once. Reports which are able to update themselves.

According to a PMI study one of the main reasons projects fail is inefficient project communication. VISBO Lean Project Reporting helps to change that: everybody receives current and relevant project information. Always. For the whole duration of the project. No matter what planning tool is used.

  • Import Excel-, Microsoft Project-, or other planning formats
  • Create Powerpoint reports based on many different report-templates
  • Provide Report recipients with cost-free Powerpoint Add-In
    • to update the report by-the-press-of-a-button
    • to search and annotate plan-elements within the report

Lean Analysis: find and resolve project bottlenecks.

Easily find out looming resource bottlenecks even within hundreds of projects. Create project- and portfolio variants and perform what-if-simulations in order to eliminate bottlenecks.

  • Import Excel-, Microsoft Project-, or other planning formats
  • Visualize hundreds of projects
  • Identify process and resource bottlenecks
  • Create variants for selected projects
  • Perform what-if-simulations to resolve bottlenecks

Lean Analysis: Lessons Learned and continuous improvements

Easily find out how projects and portfolios changed over time and compare performance key-indicators for projects and portfolios.

  • Create performance metric charts of projects and portfolio
  • Compare various timestamps of projects and portfolios regarding
    • capacity utilization of resources
    • number of overdue milestones and tasks
    • number of no-progress milestones and tasks
    • profit/loss forecast of entire portfolio
    • ...

What makes VISBO different?

  • 1. System Independence

    VISBO is able to import data from various sources such as Excel, Microsoft Project, Oracle, SAP and other formats.

  • 2. Always-up-to-date project information for all project stakeholders

    Reports and information sheets are just created once. No need to update reports any more, because VISBO reports are able to update themselves.

  • 3. Performance and Scalability

    Even portfolios with hundreds of projects are visualized, analyzed and reported on-the-fly.

  • 4. Agile Implementation

    VISBO delivers measurable benefits within days. Go challenge us!


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