VISBO - the project warehouse Portfolio- and Resource Management

The platform with digital assistants

VISBO offers a cloud solution for the lightning-fast capture, visualization, simulation and optimization of project portfolios. The digital assistants of VISBO reduce time and cost efforts considerably. VISBO may be used standalone or as an light weight portfolio planning, visualisation and sandbox extension for an ERP system


Selected Use Cases


Portfolio Quick Scan

With the Portfolio Quick Scan, your entire project portfolio is digitally created within a very short time. Via web browser you have access to visualization, analysis and key figures of your project portfolio: the most important deadlines and delivery scopes, overview of workload and impending bottlenecks. This Quick Scan portfolio is of particular benefit to small and medium-sized companies that want to digitize their project portfolios quickly. Without placing a major burden on their day-to-day business.


What-if Simulations in Portfolio and Resource Management

One or more new projects are coming up. But there are also quite a few projects already running and the available resources are already very tight, as well. Your dilemma: The new projects should absolutely be done, because you expect a great benefit from them. On the other hand:  your people should not be overloaded because that would have negative impact on all other projects.

At least: you do have some room to maneuver for the new projects in terms of scope, end date, and whether you do them internally or with external resources. Learn how a VISBO digital assistant helps you to solve the challenge.


Resource Management with Plan-in-Context

Staff your new projects in a flush. Just tell your digital assistant how many person days of what skill or role you do need. Your digital assistant will suggest who has the required skill and how much free capacity the person has in the required period.


Strategic Portfolio Planning

The annual drama: lots of projects, but not enough resources. Which projects to select and when to start them, so that priorities, dependencies as well as resource and skill availability are taken into account and a maximum of projects can be implemented? Simply tell your digital assistant about priorities, dependencies, room for maneuver, and the pool of resources and skills available.


The Benefits

Extremely fast capture and visualization of your employee pool and the key data of all your projects via interfaces or standardized Excel project briefs gives companies an unprecedented transparency, reaction speed and decision-making ability in the project portfolio.


Digital assistants take over time-consuming tasks and automate process steps. This reduces costs and accelerates processes.


You start with key figures and use them to develop your processes via short, agile steps with quick wins.




What makes VISBO different?

  • 1.Fast Implementation

    Your project portfolio is digitized in a flash: VISBO’s “digital assistants” recognize Excel project outlines, bid calculations, MS Project project plans, actual data from time recording, vacation data from ERP systems, etc. and upload the information into VISBO.  All you need is a web browser to visualize, process and analyze your data.

  • 2.Visualization and easy Drill-Down.

    Users may visualize and drill down data they are entitled to via web-browser.

  • 3.Digital Assistants

    VISBO is continuously working on further developing the digital assistants. Currently, they already support users in creating new projects, transferring data from different source systems, staggering projects without overloading them, resolving impending resource bottlenecks, automatically creating project and portfolio key figures, creating and updating PowerPoint reports, etc.

  • 4.What-if Simulations

    Project and portfolio variants can be quickly created and compared in terms of their impact on utilization, resource bottlenecks, short-term liquidity and long-term profitability.

    This provides an organization with unprecedented visibility, responsiveness, and decision-making confidence in its project portfolio.

  • 5.Foundation for Machine Learning and KI 

    VISBO does not forget. VISBO stores the project versions of the integrated data models on deadlines, costs and delivery scopes that are created over time. In this way, VISBO creates an excellent data basis for machine learning and AI in the future.


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