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VISBO helps to close the gap between strategy and execution.


A common challenge

You might be familiar with this situation: the strategy is defined, there are loads of plans, projects, and ideas. But frustratingly little gets realized.

The core issue often boils down to one primary factor: the juggling of too many initiatives at once.

But why is there an overload of simultaneous projects and initiatives? It’s because there is no clear overview and transparency of all the initiatives that have already been started, and their priorities. This makes the consequences invisible, of what it means when new initiatives and projects are constantly being launched. Your employees become overwhelmed and frequently switch between different projects. Project managers are literally fighting for scarce employee resources. And thus, the gap between strategy and execution keeps widening.


VISBO is here to change the game

Our approach involves six pragmatic principles, backed by AI-supported software, specifically developed to adhere to these principles. Our goal? To help you permanently close the gap between strategy and execution.

What can VISBO offer you? Expect significantly shorter project durations, allowing your team to complete more projects efficiently. It might seem paradoxical at first – focusing on fewer projects to achieve more – but our results speak for themselves.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • The Execution Excellence Manifesto: Discover our six principles, whose consistent application is key to bridging the strategy-execution gap. This manifesto was developed in collaboration with Klaus Nitsche, an independent PMO coach and experienced PMO leader. Here you can find the link to the manifesto.
  • Tailored AI Assisted Software: Watch our 2-minute video introducing the AI-supported VISBO software, crafted in alignment with the principles of the Execution Excellence Manifesto. This link will show a Video on Youtube

Embark on a journey to execution excellence with VISBO.


Your Benefits with VISBO

You will achieve transparency for all your initiatives in just a few days


No overloading of employees and resulting bottlenecks anymore. This will lead to shorter project durations and much less efforts.


More projects can be finished successfully with the same team.


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Key Software Characteristics

  • 1.Concentration on a few things

    VISBO recommends applying this principle at both the portfolio and project levels.

    Plan and monitor your projects based on key data points, such as crucial deadlines, deliverables, monthly resource demands, and expected revenues or benefits, to optimize efficiency and outcomes.

    Focus on the most valuable and important initiatives, rather than trying to do everything at once. Manage your Work-in-Progress within the overall portfolio to bring projects into a steady flow and shorten lead times.

  • 2.Visualization and Simulation

    Visualization for everybody ensures common understanding. Simply by browser.

    Top Management receives a first-glance impression of the current status and financial expectations of the entire portfolio.

    Department Managers get a quick overview of team utilization and potential bottlenecks, ranging from the department level down to individual team members. In cases of over-utilization, they can identify the projects involved and coordinate with project managers to resolve the issues.

    Project Managers get an automatically generated view comparing targets versus actuals in terms of costs, availability of resources, deadlines, deliveries, and expected benefits. They can also create alternate project plans to demonstrate strategies for getting back on track.

    Project Members get an overview of how their capacity is allocated across various projects.

  • 3.Automation and AI Assistance

    VISBO AI tackles complex and time-consuming tasks.

    It generates new project plans, drawing on skills from similar, successfully completed projects.

    It offers optimal start-date suggestions for new projects to ensure timely completion while avoiding resource bottlenecks across your entire portfolio.

    It offers tailored team member recommendations based on the necessary skills and available capacity, all while accounting for individual vacations and other active projects.

    It creates and updates PowerPoint reports for customer and board meetings.


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