Project Portfolio Management Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication

The cloud platform with AI-based assistants for portfolio and resource management


VISBO is a cloud-based planning, monitoring and optimization system for projects, portfolios and resources.

Companies can build up a digital database for portfolio and resource pool with minimal effort and thus continuously improve their results. Today, the winner is the one who can take good decisions the fastest.


The Benefits

Extremely fast capture and update mechanism of estimated key data : start, end, goals, most important schedules, deliverables, resource and cost needs, expected revenue and benefit.


After only a short time, companies have first project and portfolio key perfomance indicators to develop their process using short, agile steps with quick wins.


Digital assistants do time-consuming tasks and automate process steps. This makes companies continuously faster and better.


More Information

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Key characteristics

  • 1.Start in a flash. Improve continously.

    Portfolio, projects and resource pool are digitally created in a flash with VISBO and can then be visualized, analyzed and optimized with a web browser. A lean multi-project management process brings measurable improvements after every small step.

  • 2.Visualization for all stakeholders

    Everyone has the same understanding of portfolio, projects and team allocation via a simple web browser: Top management, resource managers, project managers and project staff.

  • 3.Digital Assistants

    Digital assistants help with creation of new projects, make suggestions to solve resource bottlenecks, create and update powerpoint reports and automate capturing data from different source systems such as ERP-, HR- or Detail Planning tools , if necessary.

  • 4.What-if Simulations

    New Projects as well as project- and portfolio variants can be quickly created and analyzed in terms of their impact on utilization, resource bottlenecks, short-term liquidity and long-term profitability.

  • 5.Foundation for Machine Learning and KI 

    VISBO stores the project versions of the integrated data models on deadlines, costs and delivery scopes that are created over time. In this way, VISBO creates an excellent data foundation for machine learning and AI in the future.


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