Overview and Agility with Lean Multiproject Management

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Visualization and Reports communicate (multi-)project information

VISBO Lean Multiproject Management is for companies who need to overview and monitor very many projects, whether being small, large, complex or simple. VISBO Lean Multiproject Management enables companies to easily communicate the “story” of single projects and multiproject scenarios.

Project data can be imported by means of Excel tables/forms, native MS Project Files, other planning formats or a combination of those. All single project and multiproject scenario reports are created in Microsoft Powerpoint.
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"What if"-simulations find and resolve project bottlenecks.

  • Import Excel-, MS Project-, or other planning formats
  • Visualize hundreds of projects
  • Identify process and resource bottlenecks
  • Create variants for selected projects
  • Perform what-if-simulations to resolve bottlenecks
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feature illustration scenario 0 feature illustration scenario 4 feature illustration scenario 3 feature illustration scenario 2 feature illustration scenario 1

Future Scenarios rapidly define and compare various multiproject scenarios.

  • Rule- and template-based creation of new projects, project dependencies and multiproject scenarios
  • Import of current projects on base of Excel-, native MS Project or other planning formats
  • Comparison of multiproject scenarios regarding
    • capacity utilization of resources
    • per-month frequency of milestones
    • per-month frequency of phases
    • result forecast of entire scenario
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VISBO Lean Multiproject Management Principles

  • 1. Create a multiproject management responsibility

  • 2. Establish a lean communication between project and multiproject management: the “lean project brief”

  • 3. Keep it simple when defining your “lean project brief”

  • 4. Use powerful visualization, what-if-simulation and reporting tools for “lean project briefs”

  • 5. Ensure system-independence and scalability


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