The project-management-maturity-level of your company doesn‘t matter

When it comes to questions such as “how do I get better overview and transparency in my multiproject situation” very often it goes unquestioned, that you first need to improve processes, then you can expect to gain benefits. As we have described in our blog article “The Executives Dilemma” VISBO just turns that around: First gain benefits, then improve processes. We call that Lean Multiproject Management. We strongly believe…

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The Multiproject Management Executives Dilemma – and how a change in perspective may help

Maybe this is a situation that sounds familiar to you. Your company is very successful in what it is doing. So the number of projects did increase rapidly over the last years – and the number is still increasing. With so many projects running in parallel more and more resource and process bottlenecks emerge, interrupting project workflow and severely damaging overall company performance. That is why you start looking for…

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