Lean Project- & Portfolio-Analysis

to provide overview and agility even with hundreds of projects

Analysis of Top 3 Resources in Portfolio with more than 60 projects

VISBO Lean Analysis is for companies who need to efficiently overview and monitor very many projects, whether they are small, large, complex or simple.

Project management tools often are not capable to provide visualization, analysis and what-if-simulation with hundreds of projects.

To tackle these problems VISBO developed the VISUAL BOARD. The VISUAL BOARD enables companies to import plans from various sources and easily overview even hundreds of projects, rapidly evaluate various what-if-scenarios to find the best solution to problems such as upcoming bottlenecks and communicate the findings via automatically created Powerpoint reports.

VISBO VISUAL BOARD is completely system-independent: it works in combination with Microsoft Excel  as well as with planning tools such as Microsoft Project and others.

  • 1.Store project plans and information in the VISBO project database.

    Information may come from different sources and in various formats such as Excel, Microsoft Project, SAP or other planning formats.

  • 2.Conduct resource- and process bottleneck analysis

    Even several hundred projects may be visualized and analyzed in real-time on the VISUAL BOARD.

  • 3.Easily create multiproject reports by the press-of-a-button.

    Reports are roadmaps, all sort of multiproject views, capacity utilization, bottleneck analysis, portfolio forecast and many other configurable reports.

    These reports are created in Powerpoint and may be updated automatically once the information in the VISBO project database changes.

  • 4.Easily define project- and portfolio-variants  in order to perform what-if-simulations.

    One use case maybe to optimize the regular yearly planning work to define the “best set of projects” for next year with respect to capacity utilization, potential bottlenecks, portfolio result, strategic fit, and the like.

    Another use case maybe to perform a “on-the-fly” evaluation whether or not respectively when new upcoming potential projects can be done. 


Benefits of VISBO Lean Analysis:

Time and Cost savings through early detection of upcoming bottlenecks

With the regular analysis of all projects, whether being small, huge, simple or complex  upcoming process and resource bottlenecks are identified much earlier, when there is still time to find alternative proceedings using “what-if-simulations”.

Time and Cost savings through improved communication

The findings of such what-if-simulations need to be communicated to several staekholders such as project managers, executives, board etc. with various information needs. Using automatically created Powerpoint reports based on configurable report templates, we build on the ubiquity and well-known software of Microsoft Powerpoint to deliver the information. Thus suppliers, team members and other project stakeholder are easily integrated into the communication without having to purchase and learn specific project management software.

Reduction of non-value adding work

The often cumbersome and time-consuming manual (multi-)project report creation is completely eliminated by automated report creation and update capability. Moreover reports now have a uniform layout and structure that is tailored to company needs. This consistency makes reports easier to understand.

Fast results

Start small, gain quick wins and enhance the scope of Lean Multiproject Analysis as your demand grows. Quick wins will convince your management, keeping overhead work at a minimum. Eliminating non-value adding work such as manual report creation and updates will attain acceptance of your project team.

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