Lean Reporting

no need to update your project and portfolio reports any more. Because your reports update themselve.

One of the main reasons why projects fail is inefficient project communication due to

  • Information-overload
  • outdated information
  • people not having access or knowledge how to get to project-information buried deep in planning tools

VISBO Lean Reporting changes that: everybody receives actual and relevant project information. Always. For the whole duration of the project. No matter what planning tool is used.

  • 1. How does VISBO achieve that?

    VISBO translates various project plans such as Excel, Microsoft Project or others into easy to understand Powerpoint reports.

    The best thing: these reports may be updated by the press-of-a-button. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • 2. What does it mean for the project-manager?

    The project manager creates all necessary reports just once. Then he is done with report creation and report updating for the whole project.

    Because updating the report now is done by the people who received the reports. They can update their Powerpoint reports by just pressing the “VISBO update” Button.

  • 3. Benefit for the project manager

    Time and effort for report-creation and report-updates will be almost zero! He gains a lot of time for real project work.

  • 4. Benefit for the report recipients

    His report is exactly tailored to his information needs and always shows the same structure and layout. And best of all: the recipient always has actual data, because his reports are able to synchronize with the database.

  • 5. Benefit for the project

    With all project members now being “always-up-to-date”, this will lead to much less uncoordinated or even unnecessary work and therefore to much better project results.


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