Disrupt Project Portfolio Management!

For companies that want to get their projects to the finish line faster and better, the introduction of project portfolio management is often a nightmare: it is expensive, takes a long time and ties up valuable capacities that are actually urgently needed in the core business.

It’s high time to change that.

The lever for disruption


In a ever faster changing world, the winners are not those making best plans, but the ones who are acting fastest based on data driven decisions.

VISBO believes that the detailed plan for achieving project goals is only of secondary importance in an ever faster changing world. In any organization with many projects, these seemingly trivial success factors are much more important:

  • Project manager and team have the time to take care of the project at all
  • All project participants have a common understanding of the key data of the project: the 360° view of a project with regard to cost, time and deliverables.

VISBO has developed a solution that helps companies to ensure exactly these two success factors. VISBO focuses on planning, visualization, analysis and optimization of the key data of projects (360° project view) and portfolios, which we relate to the resources and skills available in the company: the digital twin of a project portfolio.

We are therefore fundamentally different from all our competitors in project portfolio management:

Our competitors focus on one tool to be introduced throughout the company for the creation of detailed project plans. Only then will their customers be in a position to manage many projects by KPI’s.

VISBO changes this process fundamentally: we provide a working multi-project management system based on project key data right from the start. In a later step, one or more detail planning tools can be connected, from which the key data can be automatically transferred.

Companies thus achieve unprecedented transparency, speed and decision-making capability in the overall project portfolio.


The VISBO solution

With the VISBO cloud solution, companies can plan, visualize, monitor and optimize a project portfolio based on a standardized data model for project key data. VISBO provides an overview,

  • who is scheduled in which projects
  • who still has free capacity, taking into account all the projects that are already active
  • when new projects can be started without causing process and resource conflicts
  • which projects are in danger of missing their targets for deadlines, costs, sales and benefits
  • what overall benefit or revenue the complete portfolio will bring
  • which scenario created from of a huge number of proposed projects will have the best values on long-term profitability or short-term liquidity taking into account all the available resources

This gives companies an overview of the entire portfolio in a very short time with very little effort and allows them to set up an iterative, continuous improvement process that delivers measurable improvements at the end of each step.

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