Smart-Powerpoint AddIn

Smart Powerpoint AddIn

With the VISBO Powerpoint-AddIn users can update their Powerpoint Reports by just one click.

Further on, users can unlock information in Powerpoint reports created by VISBO Multiproject Board, VISBO Report Engine or VISBO MS Project AddIn 1-Click PPT. Thus it will become very easy to tell the “story of a project”, i.e which milestones do have a negative prognosis, which deliverables of a project might be affected, which phases and/or milestones were changed since the last update, etc.

  • Bring all elements up-to-date by-the-press-of-a-button
  • Show milestones with red / yellow / green traffic lights (Status, Forecast) 
  • Show list of deliverables of all milestones
  • Search for the date of certain deliverables
  • Search for certain milestones / phases and annotate them with name and / or date 
  • Show names of milestones / phases in different languages

Other Products

Multiproject Board

Visual Board

VISBO Visual Board is a visualization, analysis, simulation and reporting solution that can be used as stand-alone application or in addition to existing project management systems.

VISBO Report Engine

Report Engine

With the VISBO Report Engine users can create and execute Batch Files for creating bulk reports. Report generation then happens in a batch mode, where the selected report profiles are applied to the lean project briefs.


VISBO Project Add-In

Mit dem VISBO Add-In für Microsoft Project können Reports auf Knopfdruck aus Project heraus erzeugt werden.